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Where to use Solar Energy


passive solar house plan

Where to use Solar Energy

Passive solar house

As this applies to building design, the passive solar house plan really comes into play for new-build or when renovating an existing building. In conjunction with good loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and energy saving light bulbs this design can contribute greatly to reducing harmful emissions. Every one can easily incorporate some of these methods. It is also essential to ensure your house is energy efficient before looking at renewable energy provision - there is no point in investing in great solar or wind power generators if much of the energy produced is to be wasted.

Thermal solar water heating

Thermal solar heating, (also called active solar heating), may be used in any building - residential or business - and active solar swimming pool heating is increasingly popular.

Solar photovoltaic cells

Photovoltaic cells are usually arranged into panels, which are placed on the roof or wall. Integrated into roof tiles or slates, the photovoltaic cells are most unobtrusive. In smaller, stand-alone units the energy may be fed directly into the building's electricity supply. Solar power is the first source of electricity in some areas, such as the desert – space satellites. Solar power is useful in remote areas generally – yachts and other vehicles use solar photovoltaic cells to recharge batteries. Larger collections of panels can form solar power plants that feed directly into the electricity grid with the added benefit that excess power can be sold back to the grid. Many photovoltaic cell systems supply small power units ranging from phone booths to roadside monitoring systems.

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