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Saving Energy

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Saving Energy

Saving energy is the single most important thing to do. Getting ourselves fitted out with renewable energy power devices to reduce usage helps part of our problem and is only effective if we are not wasting energy.
Saving energy brings us to a whole new way of thinking. Become aware of how much energy we are using - how much we are wasting, and how much that is costing us - not just now - but also into our children's futures. We can make a huge difference to our future energy needs.
One family helping the BBC Radio 4 program, Money Matters, was completely shocked at their high carbon dioxide footprint, (that's the level of emissions someone personally is responsible for). Within a week they were able to reduce their energy use by almost half. Dr Boardman who helped them run the experiment, said that if every family did that we could say good bye to nuclear power stations. Now that's worth thinking about.

Businesses also are learning that they can save a tremendous amount of money with little hardship a London firm is saving £44,000 per year by following advice from The Carbon Trust. Further information of green home goods can be found at Sust-it.

Have a look at some ideas to reduce, reuse and recycle here:

If you have other ideas to add to the list - please send them in.
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