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Top Earthpeace Book Reviews

Knitting for Profit - Liz Raad

A bargain opportunity to structure your business to win ... read more ...

Download Knitting for Profit

Poor Man's Guide to Wind Power and Battery Systems - Richard Lewis

The no.1 downloadable book on homemade wind turbines - guides written by someone who has been there - done it ... read more ...

Download Poor Man's Guide to Wind Power

Off Grid Living - Les and Jane Oke

Some of the most popular books on the renewable energy internet market ... read more ...

Download Off Grid Living Books

Solar Power Design Manual – Richard Stubbs

This is an excellent, comprehensive guide to setting up your own solar photovoltaic system .... read more ...

Download the Solar Power Design Manual

The World's Best Compost

Compost is recycling in its best format - this book describes a low labour / high nutrient method .... read more

Download The World's Best Compost

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