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Inspiring renewable energy photos

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Send us pictures of your projects! All welcome
- every new setting is inspiring to others. State a little about your project and please make it clear how much information you want put on site.
These two wind generators are homemade sited in Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Sitting on a test stand, this is a 6 blade, 5ft diameter turbine, connected to a modified car alternator. It produces about 800 watts in a 30 mph wind.
This is Richard's first turbine, 4ft in diameter, 4 blades.  It recently withstood 60 mph winds with no furling mechanism.
Richard Lewis has written a book to help others make their own wind generators.
Harrow renewable power station Winter comes to renewable power station.
Based in Harrow - Rowan Langley keeps a log of output that you can view online.
Changeover switches - between grid and solar Rowan's changeover switches between grid and solar.
"Renewable energy brings a real choice of supplier... Mine or theirs"
Pwer Pobl community wind turbine 75 kW Vestas wind turbine at Cilgwyn, Pantperthog, in the Dyfi Valley. Developed and owned by a co-operative called Bro Dyfi Community, who sell the electricity to the Centre for Alternative Technology. The name for the turbine is 'Pwer Pobl' or 'People Power'
Decorating the wind turbine This is microgeneration at its best.
The turbine can generate 163,500kwh a year - enough for around 50 homes.
More details can be found on our DIY Renewables page.
Shareholders at Dyfi wind turbine

Shown here are shareholders at the launch party / gathering. Already they are seeing returns on their investment.
Ecodyfi aims for the Dyfi valley to be a 'thriving bilingual community with a reputation for sustainability'.

solar panel framework Framework for Paul and Deb's solar array. Quite a business putting that lot up - but you can see it's going to do the job! And their solar panels have earned them mention in the House of Commons.
Finished roof solar panels At Paul and Deb's website you can view the process of their 16panel solar photovoltaic cell array installation. They also have a lot of good advice there - so pay them a visit.
Small roof solar photovoltaic cell panel This is one of two photovoltaic solar panels providing 65watts of power in total - together with the wind turbine they charge a carbon fibre battery. See details at Nigel Hunt's website.
Small wind turbine This turbine charged Nigel's large carbon fibre battery for 10 years in Suffolk UK. The generator is a 60watts WG910 Rutland Windcharger from Marlec.
New wind turbine Now he has upgraded to a 200watts Navitron - will be updating on its performance. His website is well worth a visit.
Snuff Mills thermal solar heating Thermal Solar panels at Snuff Mills, Bristol, UK
Devon thermal solar water heating Devon village house with active solar hot water heating
AVAG self build

Ashley Vale Action Group have been self building their new properties in Bristol UK to be eco-friendly since 2001. Jax gives some insight into the design process.

AVAG self build AVAG self build houses incorporate solar photovoltaic cells on southern facing roofs.
AVAG self build Some chose detached designs, whilst others chose terrace or semi-detached. Read what Marco says about his choice.
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