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Support in the UK

Community Renewables Initiative

The Countryside Agency is a government agency which, in partnership with the Severn Wye Energy Agency, currently has funding for the Community Renewables Initiative through to April 2007.

What is offered

Free impartial advice to businesses, individuals and community groups on renewable energy including technological advice, advice on setting up a project, information on how to finance a renewable energy project and project development support.

The CRI will also work with local decision makers to develop local policies and strategies for renewable energy.

What can be done

This would seem to be the logical place to start if you are considering a community microgeneration scheme. The CRI can help wind energy projects with local ownership, development of wood fuel supply for home heating and CHP, small-scale hydro power. PV and Solar water heating for homes and businesses. Heat and power from farm waste.

To contact the agency go to the Severn Wye Energy Agency website.

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