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books on solar energy, wind power, water power and water conservation

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Books on Sun, Wind and Water - Renewable Energy and Conservation

Books covering all the most accessible forms of renewable energy for the homemaker. Choose from the following subcategories:


The solar house

Author - D. Chiras

Well thought out and constructed book. Starts with the fundamentals of passive solar energy design and moves through energy efficient construction, supplying back up heat, passive cooling, health matters and lots of other stuff. Excellent, useful diagrams and readable text.
Buy for £ 25.00


Living water

Author - O. Alexandersson

An eco-logic bestseller based on Victor Schauberger's fascinating work on the properties of water. From the practical to the vastly radical (possibly bonkers). Insights into the energy transformation of spiral forces of water and air - well worth the read.
The water going down your plughole will never seem the same again. Splendid, affordable book.
Buy for £ 11.99

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