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Recycle reuse and compost toilets

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Books on Recycling, Compost and Poo

Lots of ideas for what to do with old rubbish. Choose from the following subcategories:


Cradle to cradle

Author - W. McDonough
Provocative and visionary (and we don't say that very often). This book proposes that products be designed from the outset so that at the end of their life they either become 'biological nutrients' that can renter the soil/water or 'technical nutrients' that can be reused and recycled within a closed loop. The book is printed on a kind of plastic (should you be so decadent you could read it in the shower). It as an attempt to show how the book of the future might be manufactured. The idea being that when you have finished with the book you can reuse the pages for the next book. Excellent work, thoroughly recommended.
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How to shit in the woods

Author - K Meyer
A customer favourite - explains exactly what it says in the title. Learn how to go properly when outside. An American book but worth it for the crop of 'worst experience' stories and how and where to use a spade.
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